We were thrilled to be hired to capture this symposium in Union Square area at Union Park venue.

This event brought agencies and brands together to discuss the next big trend in advertising: GAMING.

The event was an intersection of Industry insiders under one roof to get up to speed on the evolving gaming landscape, uncover how forward-thinking brands are getting in the game, and discuss what is to come in the booming E – sports industry.

The head of market research at Activision Blizzard Media spoke about the global gaming audience of over 2 billion and an Industry worth more than $130 billion.  We loved how this group took advantage of down time and had our photographer Sheila capture needed headshots for some of the top speakers at the event.   #corporatetuesday

VENUE:                                                              Union Park

PHOTOGRAPHY & VIDEO:                              Sarah Merians Photography & Video Company, Sheila /Alex